Gem Grab: Deathcap Cave

Recommended Comp

Note: Deathcap Cave has a lot of diverse comps and this one is just a suggestion.


Mid player who offers a lot of area control. She has a lot of great healing turret spots that can benefit either herself, or either lane.


Left lane player that can utilize the walls to poke enemies. Her bear can push enemies back and she can be a huge threat if pushed up.


Right lane player that offers a lot of area denial. He is also a great counter to turrets, which will be found in this map's meta. His Star Power allows him to stay alive.

Alternate Comps

Alternative to Pam

Jessie's tankiness and medium-long range attack makes her a great mid player. She also has good turret spots. Bo can mine off a choke point and use his arrows to cut off another. There are two main choke points on this map.

Alternative to Nita

Frank's presence and powerful attack can keep enemies back. He effectively controls an entire area by simply "being there". Shelly pushed up can hold enemies away because of her powerful super.

Alternative to Barley

Dynamike offers more destruction and damage over Barley's sustained control of the map. Mortis has a lot of cover he can utilize, and can counter throwers and punish weak, grouped up enemies. Gene can help mid with his Star Power and wide attack. His super can also turn the game around.

Initial Setup

Barley should control the areas top of the mine. With his Star Power, he can keep up constant pressure even while on low health.

If the enemy falls back, Pam shoud push up to apply as much pressure with her healing and fall back when at medium to low HP.

Nita's strongest position is on the left. She can fully utilize the wall to control the chockepoint and make it hard for the enemy to push her.

Nita will initially be on the wall south-east to the mine. She should be there when she is low but should try to push up into her strongest position.

North to the mine is the main area where Pam should focus her attacks. Barley is responsibe for the other chokepoints. Her spread out atatck can deter squishies from pushing up.

South to the mine behind the wall is the main healing station spot. It helps Pam stay alive at high amounts of HP.

South-east tot the mine is the healing spot if Barley is pushed back or the right lane is lost. Pam should also be positioned there if this happens.

Barley should try to regain control of the area south-east to the mine if an enemy has put themselves there!

When a teammate dies, reposition to try to hold as much map presence for as long as possible.


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