Gem Grab: Deep Siege

Recommended Comp


Mid player who offers a lot of control. Can punish grouped enemies and has various turret locations.


Right lane player who harasses the enemy by pushing up deep into their spawn. Should try to stay alive.


Left lane player who assists mid by controlling the middle proportion of the map. Important to stay alive.

Alternate Comps

Alternative to Jessie

Piper has a convenient bush location that allows her to deal more damage with her Star Power. Pam has great turret locations that can help either lane, or herself.

Alternative to Mortis

Necessary to deal with throwers that are commonly used on this map.

Alternative to Dynamike

Barley can be used as a substitute to Dynamike, offering more control but less damage. Nita can be used as an aggro that pushes up and uses her wall to harass the other mid.

Initial Setup

North to the mine is a strong turret spot if Jessie manages to push up. It is extremely annoying if combined with her Star Power.

Aggressive Mortis should try to play at the north of the mine, however should try to stay alive for as much map presence as possible. The general area for Mortis to play in and control is east to the mine.

Jessie's initial turret location against long/close range brawlers should be east to the mine behind the walls. Jessie should ideally be playing in the bushes below it.

Dynamike can control an entire area aronud him. He should push up when the enemy falls back and fall off when he is double pressured.

When a teammate dies, reposition to try to hold as much map presence for as long as possible.


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