Gem Grab: Escape Velocity

Recommended Comp


Gene offers amazing poking abilities, and his super can make the enemy feel uneasy with their movement. His Star Power can assist his teammates when they are grouped up.


Lane player who can full utilize launch pads to displace enemy movement. Her super with Star Power can make it easy for Gene to hit his attack.


Lane player who's long attack can act as a tripwire at mid. His attack can force enemies to move in certain directions, synergizing with Gene's super.

Alternate Comps

Alternative to Gene

Bo's mine can completely cover entryway into the gem mine. His attack also offers control and burst potential. Poco's super can make it easy for his teammates to push, and his wide attack can poke at the enemy mid.

Alternative to Shelly

Nita's bear can push enemies back and her attack lets her clip enemies through walls. Tara can burst enemies down at close ranges while poke at enemies afar. Her super can make it hard for the enemy to push up to mid.

Alternative to Carl

Leon can poke at enemies and burst enemies down at close ranges. His super can easilyy change the game as there are so many bushes to utilize. Nita can poke at mid while keeping control of her lane easily. Her bear pushes back enemies as well.

Initial Setup

If the enemy falls back, Shelly can position herself to the north-east of the mine to poke at them where the maximum range of Gene's super is. However, she sohuld fall back to keep moderate amounts of HP.

If Carl is able to push up with Shelly, it'll make it extremely hard for the enemy to get out of spawn. He can easily hold his lane while pressuring mid. He can push up to apply pressure when Gene has his super.

Shelly can use the jump pad on the east to quickly rotate into an advantageous position if the enemy is badly positioned. She needs to recognize when this is necessary as she can be punished easily for doing so!

Shelly needs to make sure an enemy tank does not jump below the mine. If one does, it'll force Gene back and potentially get him killed. Good communication is necessary.

Gene can assist either lane by positioning himself in mid. However, he should focus on staying alive with minimal amounts of damage taken.

When a teammate dies, reposition to try to hold as much map presence for as long as possible.


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