Gem Grab: Flooded Mines

Recommended Comp


Mid player who can easily hold control of the gem mine. Her long range enables her to support lanes and take shots at the enemy's mid.


Left lane player who can fully utilize her walls to push the enemy back with her attack. The mushrooms also work well for this purpose.


Right lane player who uses the right wall of the map to keep the enemy lane back. He also can poke at mid.

Alternate Comps

Alternative to Piper

The open area allows Gene to yoink enemies and poke at them. He also will be playing by one of the lanes, helping them with his Star Power. Penny's mortar has a lot of range and can cover most of mid.

Alternative to Nita

Carl can make it hard for the enemy lane to push up while also being able to tripwire off mid pushes. Barley makes it even harder for the enemy lane to push up and can control the left portion of mid once he wins his lane.

Alternative to Rico

Tara can burst down the enemy laner and chip from afar. The open area in the middle makes it pretty easy for her to hit her super. Carl can control the right lane pretty easily and also pressure mid at the same time.

Initial Setup

The ideal spot for Nita to play is in the bushes on the west side. The mushroom there makes it extremely hard for enemies to hit her. However, she first has to win her lane in order to push up!

While Rico pressures his lane, Piper can push up to the mine to assist Nita in winning her lane. Coordinate their attacks and Piper can easily hit a camping enemy in that bush.

The bouncing attack Rico needs to learn goes to the west wall in the west lane. He can keep enemies away from him, which then allows him to assist mid by poking at them from this position.

Piper should be south to the mine so she can stay out of reach of the enemy mid while still being able to take shots. From here, if she takes some damage, she can fall back behind the mushroom. Piper should also be pushing up when her teammates win their lanes so she can fully utilize her range and Star Power to kill enemies.

Nita should play passively in the south bush until mid can help assist her in taking out the enemy lane. However, she can capitalize if the enemy takes unnecessary damage or is forced to fall back.

When a teammate dies, reposition to try to hold as much map presence for as long as possible.


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