Gem Grab: Four Squared

Recommended Comp


Mid player who offers a lot of area control. Can burst down tanks and once the map is opened up, becomes even deadlier.


Left lane player that harasses the enemy thrower by flanking from behind. Utilize walls as cover and dash-in, dash-out.


Mid player who controls right lane and offers area control for the middle area. Should use super to destroy middle cover.

Alternate Comps

Alternative to Spike

Nita can be played as a more aggro Spike. She can push up and use the walls to harass at mid. Barley paired with Dyna offers so much area denial and is viable because of how many walls there are.

Alternative to Mortis

Mortis is necessary to deal with throwers that are commonly used on this map. Nita can use walls to harass while acting as a tank that can push the enemy team back.

Alternative to Dynamike

Necessary because of how many walls there are on this map.

Initial Setup

Mortis should ideally be playing at the top. He puts pressure from the enemy's flank and funnels them into Dynamike and Spike's attacks. He should still try to maintain left lane control however.

Dynamike should focus on mid. However, if an enemy is in the lane he should shift focus to deal with them first. Spike covers and acts as Dyna's support for mid. Both can be gem carriers. Dynamike should use his super and destroy the two walls above the mine.

If the enemy has control of the area south of the mine, Spike and Dynamike will switch. Dynamike focuses only on mid while Spike deals with the threat.

West of the mine: General area for Mortis to control. He should fall back to here when on low health or try to hold this area so that his two mid teammates can focus on one possible flank.

When a teammate dies, reposition to try to hold as much map presence for as long as possible.


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