Playing Jessie in Present Plunder

Is Jessie Viable in Present Plunder? I took it as a personal challenge to test out and see if Jessie is actually viable.

My methodology

I played Jessie with randoms, as I didn’t have any teammates in the same server region as me, plus, I like a challenge. I also spent some time figuring out what was the most effective kit for her in this mode.

Star Power

I picked Energize over Shocky for a number of reasons.

Energize lets me match up well against snipers and tanks alike, rather than the few matchups that Shocky lets me beat (Mr. P and Nita are the major ones that Shocky beats)

Energize lets me retain a super shot, as by healing the turret at the appropriate times, I can save my turret and use a super shot to quickly get the Present to the base. If I picked Shocky, I’d have to replace the turret constantly, as it takes too much random chip to stay up for long.

Energize lets me track the common invisible Leons and the rare Sandy supers, without having to put myself in melee range of them

For these reasons, as well as being more accustomed to Energize, I picked it over Shocky.


I picked Spark Plug over Recoil Spring for a few reasons:

The slow helps a tonne when defending While RS is a reactionary gadget, it isn’t consistent enough for me to use it with randoms. If I was playing in a team, I’d pick RS as my teammates could push the enemies to or away from my turret given the situation The slow helps when someone plunders a present and you want to quickly hit the opponent

Now, RS does have some more advantages, but even after temporarily switching to it, I still felt that SP provided more value for me


The way people had described Jessie in PPlunder was a defensive counter pick, who alongside her turret, denied tanks from advancing, as well as stalling sharpshooters and a decent brawler when trying to push to take a present.

Due to her damage buff, she can 4 tap brawlers at 5040 health, which is massive, as it allows her to beat the following brawlers in at least 4 shots Gale Collete Leon Colt Emz

All of which are relatively common in PPlunder. The former two are very important, with Gale’s Jump Pad being absolutely massive in increasing his team’s offensive capabilities and Colette being one of the best brawlers in the meta.

Jessie’s turret can help defend against tanks, which Jessie normally struggles against due to her low DPS. With Energize and Spark Plug, you can have a pretty good chance of denying pushes consisting of 2 brawlers single-handedly, which is amazing, and with some team support, you will always win on the defense.

Results and Observations

With randoms, I managed to push till 698. I was too frustrated to push more with them, otherwise I'd try hitting for 850.

My general game plan was to charge super, perhaps dying once or twice to secure a super, place the turret near the base/choke, and deny pushes by using Energize and/or Spark Plug accordingly. If the mid was ours, then I'd move the turret up. Otherwise, setting up on mid was risky, as not even Energize would let the turret be up.

Jessie was really really good on defence. Until Edgar was released. But I'll get to that later.

Like I said before, Jessie can defend pushes quite easily. She can also stall pushes long enough for your team to recover to fighting condition.

I also found that due to me choosing Energize, I had a super shot ready almost always. This meant that I could bring the present to the mid or to the base very easily.

Spark Plug helped me out as well, due to many of the maps having a choke on mid, having a turret that can slow immediately was amazing utility to have.

I also found the increased damage very helpful as brawlers like Gale were easier to handle than before.

Another pro for using Jessie was that setting up the turret can happen anywhere instantly. What this ultimately meant for me is that I could defend presents outside my base and I could push the enemy back to retrieve presents from mid, situations that happen quite often in the higher trophies.

Finally, if your team gains full control of mid, you can place your turret way further up than what you'd do normally, allowing for a lot of offensive pressure.

However, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows when I used Jessie.

Defending without a turret is impossible, as both your star power and gadget are rendered useless and the low DPS of Jessie really shows. Plus, the enemies only have to use their ammo at one place, instead of having to split their ammo usage to Jessie and her turret.

Jessie is useless while attacking, unless you have mid, you are too weak and too passive. Her low health and low mobility shows too, making her a terrible choice to base rush.

She often doesn't cut it while defending by herself. Mainly due to brawlers that can easily destroy the turret or brawlers that have invincibility, like Brock, Edgar, Primo and even Dyna.

Speaking of Edgar, she is terrible against him. At melee, Edgar easily dispatches her, and he has a super which gives him invincibility, negating the turret and the slow. Jessie has nothing that she can do, other than panicking the turret down, slowing the Edgar and then hoping you love till you reload 4 hits, which is pretty situational and can be taken advantage of.

This is more disastrous than you think. Edgar has a gadget which gives his super quicker, he has a very high use rate and he is pretty good in PPlunder to boot.

As if that wasn't enough, Edgar's use rate is so high that two Edgars on one team isn't that rare, which increases the pressure on her

Jessie has another flaw, one that I think is far worse than the prevalence of Edgar. She is very team comp dependent.

When I was playing with randoms, if I got passive brawlers, like Piper or Mr. P, I'd know that I would lose the match at worst or at best, tie it.

She needs brawlers that can exert offensive pressure, otherwise you can never get a present (also, the respawn timer needs to be changed, a team wipe often means that you have to retreat to mid as you don't have time to pick up the present, but that's another discussion)

She needs teammates that are mobile and can switch between attacking and defending at a moment's notice, like Edgar and Darryl, as well as brawlers that can support in controlling mid, like Max and Sprout.

The issue is that she gets overwhelmed at times, so if the enemy team is coordinated, which is something you must always assume, Jessie's defense may break, especially if the enemies dive and have brawlers that back them up, so she needs her team to switch what they wanted to do before, essentially breaking momentum, something which is crucial in PPlunder.

For that reason, I'd say she is A- in PPlunder, definitely viable with the correct teammates, but not the easiest brawler to slap onto a team.

The UR/WR stats back me up here, Jessie has middling stats overall, but she does have a niche.

Let me know if I missed or messed up something in this. I had a fairly decent time pushing her up, but it could've been a lot smoother if I had pushed with teammates. I also would like you guys to try to push her right now, as a challenge of sorts, she might surprise you.

As always, Keep Brawling!

This guide was written by Obsidian297.

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