Brawl Stars Classes: Tanks

Today's article is about the Tank class of Brawl Stars, the heaviest Brawlers. It was written by XaviorKeyz with the help of Cali Life.


Brawl Stars is live action, fast paced and MOBA-like, yet it lacks the defining features of classic MOBAs. Unlike most games though, the variety in maps and game modes enables a rich combination of varying characters, changing environments, and game modes with unique objectives. First, you need to learn your character, which this article series will be about. In order to control your character, you need to learn their Brawler mechanics. It is the first step to becoming a skilled Brawl Stars player.

What is a Brawler Kit? A "kit" refers to a heroes’ unique characteristics, skills, moves, or abilities. In Brawl Stars, every Brawler has two "moves", their auto attack and their super. Star Powers enhance a mechanic, but there are only two ability buttons. There are 4 primary classes I am going to assign all 32 Brawlers to. Unlike other MOBAs like League of Legends, Brawl Stars has no "jungle role". The primary classes will also be broken up into subclasses.

A "Tank" is any brawler with a high amount of health. In Brawl Stars, this is about 6000+ HP at maximum level. 8-Bit, Bull, Carl, Darryl, El Primo, Frank, Pam and Rosa fall into this category. Shelly and Bibi fall into this category if they have their Band-Aid and Batting Stance star powers.


Defender such as Carl, Frank or Pam is to defend their allies and objectives. They often depend on a partner. While similar to the Support class, Defender’s usually lack the utility and mobility of a support and lack passive effect support abilities. Instead, Defenders support using attacks or by dealing damage to enemies. They are experts in zoning, which is a mechanic in which a player prevents enemies from moving a certain direction. By zoning, they ultimately prevent their teammates from suffering potential damage or deaths. Defenders help their teammates deal more damage or secure objectives by preventing or distracting the opponents.

Defenders have two main responsibilities.

  1. Defenders should be a barrier between their enemy and ally. They are more stationary and passive role than offensive. Defenders should stay close to their teammates at all times. Taking this positioning can also deter enemies from coming close to your teammates. Even though Defenders have high health, you should avoid damage and use wall peeking, which means firing around corners and retreating to avoid damage and juking, which is performing movement patterns to dodge attacks. This way, you can intervene in a fight when an enemy advances on an ally, turning the fight into a 2v1.
  2. A Defender should protect allies and help with objectives. They can block damage using their body as a shield. Protect your gem carrier or ball carrier, even if it means that you have to sacrifice yourself. Use repelling abilities such as Frank's super to create opportunities for your allies to score kills or objectives. A charged super can scare enemies. Don't retreat - hold an objective (gem spawn) or give your long ranged allies some breathing room to operate. Objectives are more important than kills. Be patient and wait for the right moment to help your team.


In Brawl Stars, Bruisers are tanky characters that yield high damage output, such as Bull, Darryl, El Primo or Rosa. Contrary to Defenders, Bruisers are the bully of Brawl Stars that can chase enemies, apply pressure or ambush, which means they wait for an enemy to walk into their bush. Bruisers have high health and movement enabling abilties or star powers.

Bruisers have two main responsibilities.

  1. Bruisers are the "Aggro" laners. This means, they are aggressive Brawlers with the goal to get into a position clos to enemy territory. There, they hold the position and wait for the right moment to strike. After winning a lane or attaining an advantageous position such as cover behind a chokepoint, play passive, assisting your teammates. When the moment is right, harass or gank, which means you approach an opponent from an unexpected direction to trap them between you and your teammates. Bruisers are good for dealing damage and for finishing off.
  2. A Bruiser should also pressure. From a position that is easy to defend, they can disturb the enemy. Bruisers are threatening by nature and can sometimes Spawn-Trap enemies from choke points, which means that they are unable to leave their spawn. This gives your team control of objectives and allows your teammates to get into good positions. When defending, Bruiser's are responsible for keeping ground and should not retreat.

This guide was written by XaviorKeyz.

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