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Colonel Ruffs

Colonel Ruffs

Ruffs fires twin shots of lasers that bounce off walls. His Super is a supply drop that can damage opponents in the drop zone and leaves a power up for your team to use.
Colonel Ruffs is a Support with Chromatic Rarity. Colonel Ruffs is unlocked by opening Brawl Boxes.

Health at Level 1
Health at Level 10

Main Attack

Ruffs' twin-laser bounces off walls multiple times. They can hit opponents behind cover.

Reload Speed
Damage at Level 1
Damage at Level 10


Ruffs calls down a supply drop that damages any opponent it hits, and leaves a power-up for friendly Brawlers to pick up. The power-up increases health and damage. Multiple power-ups do not stack, and you lose the power-up if defeated.

Damage at Level 1
Damage at Level 10

Colonel Ruffs Statistics

Colonel Ruffs is, judging by Colonel Ruffs's Use Rate, a very popular Brawler. Looking at Colonel Ruffs's Win Rate, Colonel Ruffs is below average in the current Meta.

Use Rate
Star Player
Win Rate
Colonel Ruffs's Star Power Field Promotion

Star Power: Field Promotion

Friendly Brawlers have their maximum health increased by 30 every second that they are in range of this ability while it's active.

Colonel Ruffs's Star Power Air Superiority

Star Power: Air Superiority

Supply Drop now includes a bomb that adds +1000 damage to the drop and also allows it to destroy walls.

Colonel Ruffs's Gadget Take Cover

Gadget: Take Cover

Ruffs throws down 3 sandbags to cover himself. Each one has <span class="text-success">2000</span> health.

Colonel Ruffs's Gadget Air Support

Gadget: Air Support

Ruffs calls a barrage around the nearest opponent, dealing 700 damage with each hit.

Info: Star Power and Gadget statistics are calculated as the difference between a Brawler with one Star Power or Gadget and a Brawler with zero Star Powers or Gadgets.

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