Brawl Stars Character Classes: ADC

This article is about the long-ranged class of Brawl Stars - ADCs. You will learn their roles and impact in the game. It was written by XaviorKeyz and proofread by Cali Life, Gooose, and LukieBear. Thanks for their help!

If you missed the first article on Tanks, make sure to read it before you go any further. ADCs are going to be the most complex class.


On Brawler Classification: In Brawl Stars, the Developers also take into consideration the unique kit of their specific Brawlers. In this article series however, terms which are comparable to other games are going to be used.

Here is how relationships between the in-game Brawler classes and the classes created for this series compare:

  • Tanks = Heavyweights & Batter
  • ADCs = Sharpshooters & Snipers
  • Supports = Healers, Supports, & Throwers
  • Fighters = Fighters, Skirmishers, & Assassins to an extent

MOBA ADCs vs Brawl Stars ADCs: The term "ADC" is short for "Attack Damage Carry". In MOBAs, these are characters that deal physical damage such as snipers and sharpshooters. Brawl Stars is unique in the fact that it only has one form of damage. While there are other other damage-related stats like shields (Damage Reduction) or 8-Bits damage-enhancing turret, there is only one form of dealing damage. In games like League of Legends or Mobile Legends, there are for example physical and magic damage, which allow for more complex interactions.

ADCs: Here, an ADC in Brawl Stars is classified as a Brawler that has long range and high DPS. This makes ADCs the best damage dealers. Having potentially team-wiping damage and supers, these Brawlers are also fragile. ADCs in Brawl Stars have low-medium low HP, medium long-long range, and are typically easy to maneuver with fast base movement speeds, kinetic based abilities, and so on. These prerequisites make Colt, Leon, Rico, Bea, Brock, and Piper all fall into this Primary Category.

The most important skill to learn to be a successful ADC is survival. Practice and grind mastering techniques like teasing, which is performed by weaving in and out of corners or from behind an obstacle to bait enemy fire as you heal or reload and baiting, which means leading enemies into allies or traps by having low health and instigating a chase. Secondary mechanics such as wall peeking or dancing, which means mirroring your targetโ€™s movement patterns to land more subsequent shots, will increase your damage output by astounding amounts, but are less important than staying alive.

Here, ADCs are seperated into two sub-classes:


Marksman such as Colt, Leon or Rico are long ranged and utilize burst fire patterns. Bursts are attacks using arrays or barrages of bullets. Marksman are aggressive-based backliners that look for every single chance to deal high damage to an enemy. Having slightly more health and better utility like faster speed or invisibility, marksmen are great duelists and can often go toe-to-toe with Fighters or even Tanks.

Marksman have two major responsibilities:

  1. Marksmen need to take advantage of their high damage. Their primary role is to eliminate, damage, or force back their enemies. All Marksman are equipped for killing - Colt has a wall breaking, high damaging super. Rico has trajectory-based, high DPS attacks with damage and Leon has a flank enabling super, high movement speed, and sustain or chase down aiding star powers. With these battle ready kits, a marksman must threaten the enemy. This can be done using attacking and positioning. Every single attack you fire needs to hit. Your first goal should always be to threaten, or to force your opponent to either hold position or fall back. Having high DPS, landing even 2 or 3 shots out of your barrage will deal ample damage to an enemy. Keep pressure on the enemy team with continuous attacks, forcing them back and harass them so they cannot heal. As a marksman, you should not die. Because Marksman possess the highest damage per second in the game, your team is missing a vital part of its damage output and control. You should only sacrifice yourself for at least two kills or important objectives like the Brawl Ball goal. Kill trading is usually not worth it.
  2. Marksmen also need to damage or kill enemies. The key skill for this is recognizing the exact split second they are given an opportunity. How do you spot good opportunities?
    1. A good opportunity is one where you come out alive.
    2. Wait for mistakes from the enemy team such as overextending or greed. Hold your super until two or three enemies stack up on one another.
    3. Recognize when a teammate sets you up. Team Chemistry is needed to play Brawl Stars at a competitive level.


Snipers such as Bea, Brock and Piper differ from Marksmen in their single-shot basic attacks. They require precision and careful positioning. Snipers are best for multi-lane harassment and need to be patient. They possess the longest range of all brawlers in the game, so from a good position they will always have a clear shot with enough time to react to dodges. Positioning is the key aspect for a Sniper because of their low health and lack of escape mechanics. They are very vulnerable in close combat.

Snipers fulfill the same roles as Marksmen: They should force the enemy team back by threatening them and control key positions. Every attack needs to be meaningful. Control is the most important aspect of the game. Whichever team has the better positioning wins the objective, the gem spawn or the goal.

Another responsibility that Snipers have, is observation. Snipers have time to analyze the battle and notice patterns. For example, use Brock's super to destroy terrain or bushes at the right time. As Bea, using the super to slow the enemy team can allow a teammate to run past the enemies team and score. Observe the dodging pattern of your enemies to land more successful shots. Also observe your team to provide the best support. A sniper cannot carry and thus needs good chemistry.

This guide was written by XaviorKeyz.

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