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El Primo

El Primo

El Primo throws a flurry of punches at his enemies. His Super is a leaping elbow drop that deals damage to all caught underneath!
El Primo is a Heavyweight with Rare Rarity. El Primo is unlocked by opening Brawl Boxes.

Health at Level 1
Health at Level 10

Main Attack

El Primo fires off a furious flurry of four fiery fists. That's a spicy jalapeno knuckle sandwich!

Reload Speed
Damage at Level 1
Damage at Level 10


Leaping high, El Primo drops an Intergalactic Elbow that knocks around enemies and destroys cover!

Damage at Level 1
Damage at Level 10

El Primo Statistics

El Primo is, judging by El Primo's Use Rate, a very popular Brawler. Looking at El Primo's Win Rate, El Primo is below average in the current Meta.

Use Rate
Star Player
Win Rate
El Primo's Star Power Meteor Rush

Star Power: Meteor Rush

El Primo gains 25% speed boost for <span class="text-success">4</span> seconds after using his Super.

El Primo's Star Power El Fuego

Star Power: El Fuego

Enemies caught in El Primo's Super will burn for 1200 damage over 4 seconds.

El Primo's Gadget Asteroid Belt

Gadget: Asteroid Belt

El Primo summons a small meteor to strike the nearest enemy. It deals 2000 damage and destroys walls.

El Primo's Gadget Suplex Supplement

Gadget: Suplex Supplement

El Primo grabs the closest enemy within his reach and flips them like a pancake over his broad shoulders.

Info: Star Power and Gadget statistics are calculated as the difference between a Brawler with one Star Power or Gadget and a Brawler with zero Star Powers or Gadgets.

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