Gene Statistics

This Star Power and Gadget Tier List is generated automatically.

Showing Star Power and Gadget Tier list and best modes for Gene .

Star Power Tier List

No Starpower
📈 54%
Win Rate
SPIRIT SLAP Not enough data yet!
📈 56%
Win Rate
MAGIC PUFFS Not enough data yet!
📈 54%
Win Rate

Gadget Tier List

📈 54%
Win Rate
No Gadget
📈 53%
Win Rate

Game Mode Statistics

Duo Showdown
Win Rate 55%
Avg. Rank 2.77
Pick Rate 3%
#1 Rate 25%
Brawl Ball
Win Rate 53%
Duration 1:50
Pick Rate 2%
Star Player 9%
Gem Grab
Win Rate 56%
Duration 1:50
Pick Rate 5%
Star Player 11%
Solo Showdown
Win Rate 50%
Avg. Rank 5.48
Pick Rate 2%
#1 Rate 8%
Win Rate 48%
Duration 2:00
Pick Rate 2%
Star Player 14%
Win Rate 48%
Duration 1:42
Pick Rate 0%
Win Rate 50%
Duration 2:03
Pick Rate 2%
Star Player 2%
Hot Zone
Win Rate 47%
Duration 1:35
Pick Rate 1%
Star Player 10%

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