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Jacky works her Jackhammer to shake up the ground and nearby enemies. Her Super pulls in nearby foes, leaving them in the dust!
Jacky is a Heavyweight with Super Rare Rarity. Jacky is unlocked by opening Brawl Boxes.

Health at Level 1
Health at Level 10

Main Attack

Jacky hops on her Jackhammer to shake the ground all around. Enemies caught too close will get a pounding!

Reload Speed


Jacky drills a hole in the ground, pulling in foes to introduce them to her Jackhammer! She partially shields incoming attacks while performing her Super.

Jacky Statistics

Jacky is, judging by Jacky's Use Rate, a very popular Brawler. Looking at Jacky's Win Rate, Jacky is excellent in the current Meta.

Use Rate
Star Player
Win Rate
Jacky's Star Power Counter Crush

Star Power: Counter Crush

When receiving damage, Jacky returns the favor by converting 30% of the damage into a Groundbreaker counterattack.

Jacky's Star Power Hardy Hard Hat

Star Power: Hardy Hard Hat

Jacky's Hard Hat protects her by reducing any damage she takes by 10%.

Jacky's Gadget Pneumatic Booster

Gadget: Pneumatic Booster

Jacky gets a burst of energy and moves 20% faster for <span class="text-success">3</span> seconds.

Info: Star Power and Gadget statistics are calculated as the difference between a Brawler with one Star Power or Gadget and a Brawler with zero Star Powers or Gadgets.

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