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Competition Winner 2021-09-11 Tier List for Brawl Stars

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Use the Competition Winner 2021-09-11 Tier List to find the best Brawler for this Brawl Ball map in Brawl Stars.

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Best Brawlers for Brawl Ball - M

# Brawler Adjusted Win Rate Use Rate
No Data

Best Teams in Brawl Ball - M

# Team Wins Recorded
No Data

Best Players in Brawl Ball - M

# Player Wins Recorded Win Rate Brawler
No Data

Best Star Powers for Brawl Ball - M

# Star Power Wins Recorded Win Rate
No Data

Best Gadgets for Brawl Ball - M

# Gadget Wins Recorded Win Rate
No Data

The game is perfectly balanced when all use rates are equal which is a Gini coefficient of 0.


Data for Star Powers and Gadgets is collected for players who own only a single Star Power or Gadget for a Brawler.

About Adjusted Win Rate

For Brawlers with few picks, the Adjusted Win Rate is interpolated using a Bayesian Average.

71.6% Win
70.5% Win
66.0% Win
65.6% Win
63.7% Win

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